Affiliate Networks

Want to call someone living in a different country, without paying long distance fees, buying expecsive calling cards or having to ship a videophone to them?

Traveling abroad and want to avoid paying rediculous roaming fees, just to face a huge cell phone bill when you return home?

Simply have your have the person you want to call contact the corresponding company in their country signup for an account with the company in their country from the list below and you and they will never have to pay for long distance calls again when you want to speak to AND! see eachother.

If you are traveling abroad, simply take your Wifi mobile phone or desk top videophone with you and you will be able to make and recieve your calls free of long distance fees, as if you were still right in the comforts of your own home making a local call.....Now you can fully enjoy your vacation without the worry of getting a huge roaming bill when you return home! That's right, even traveling, your monthly bill will never increase.

So, Relax and enjoy your vaction with peace of mind using VueTel Network or any of our Global Affiliate Networks.


Country and corresponding Company


Canada - VueTel Network

Costa Rica - CostaCom

France - France Tel

India - Indi Telcom

Jamaica - JamaTel Net

Phillipines - Austec

Sri Lanka - SriTel

St. Kitts - Island Tel

Trinadad - TrinTel

UK - Unicom Tel

USA - AmeriTel Net




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