VueTel Service

VueTel Service


Want a Videophone but don't have a service account to use it on?

Well we have the solution!

Gough Communications now offers the VueTel Service.

The VISUAL Communication solution for FREE long distance calling around the world! 

Get your VueTel Service number today, and start using your Videophone to call around the world to family and friends. Talk to them and see them face to face without paying long distance fees.

Yes! Thats right!...

  • No more calling cards
  • No long distance charges
  • No outrageous cell phone bills
  • ...Going on vacation? You guessed it...take your Videophone with you and there will be no roaming charges either!

With over 10 years experience in the Videophone Industry,

We are confident that you will SEE the VueTel Network truly is...

"The Global Network!"

Visit and start seeing your savings today!


Skype versus Videophone demonstrated with the help of the founder of Skype.

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